Time to try a new volunteer activity?  
Please email the contact for any new activity
that would match your personal volunteer gardening goals!  
And, have fun!


MG Training Class (Code 202)
Tell Lou you would like to serve as a mentor for intern class participants!
MG Contact: Lou Kellogg,
Location: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, 3355 Cherry Ridge Drive, Suite 208, 78230
Websites:  and

MG Helping Hands  (Code 304)
Help BCMG with mailings or other work at our office.
MG Contact: Holly Julian at
Location: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, 3355 Cherry Ridge Drive, Suite 208, 78230

Schultze Cottage (Code 405)
In past years, the Hemisfair Park Cottage was a centerpiece of Master Gardener demonstration gardening and a gardening gift shop. Consider rolling up your sleeves and working to renew and maintain our cottage as part of San Antonio’s redeveloping Hemisfair Park.
MG Contact: Jack Downey,
Location: 514 HemisFair Park, San Antonio, TX 78205

MG Hotline
(Code 503):
The BCMG Plant Hotline answers phone and email questions daily. It is a very good way to learn about a variety of gardening topics.  For those of us who don’t tolerate heat well, it’s great!
MG Contacts:  Jim Strong, and Ann Goode,
Location:  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, 3355 Cherry Ridge Drive, Suite 208, 78230

MG Speakers Bureau
(Code 900)
The Speakers’ Bureau needs your help! Join the speaker request notification list to volunteer as a Speaker (Volunteer Hour Activity #s: 902=preparation; 903=presentation; 904=tear down), or as a Speakers Bureau assistant to accompany each speaker on their engagement to manage handouts and sign-in sheets, and to return completed sign-in sheets to the BCMG office (Volunteer Hour Activity #901).
MG Contact:  Please email Lauren Willis, 
Location: Varies

Plant Trials
(Code 950d)
Email David to be added to a list of MGs who will be contacted directly when help is needed for a project.
Contact: David Rodriguez at
Locations: Food Bank, San Antonio Botanical Gardens and others as identified.


Children’s Vegetable Garden @ SABOT (Code 980a)
All interested and curious volunteers welcome for Fall and Spring programs at the San Antonio Botanical Garden CVG!
MG Contacts: Mary Fernandez at, or John Mayer at, or David Rodriguez at
SABOT Contact: Volunteer Coordinator Nadezhda Garza at or call 210-207-3261 or 210-536-1415
Location:  555 Funston Place, San Antonio, TX 78209

Children’s Vegetable Garden @ Hardberger Park
(Code 980b)

The Phil Hardberger Park Children’s Vegetable Garden is busy with new classes of children planting delicious seasonal vegetables. The garden could use more volunteers in a variety of jobs. The Hardberger Park CVG works with the children on Tuesday mornings, and always needs MGs for the Watering Team as well.
MG Contact: Kathy Breniman, 925-787-7466, or email:
Location:  1021 Voelcker Lane, San Antonio, TX 78248

Junior Master Gardener
(JMG) Activities   (Code 980d)
MG Contact: Ruby Zavala at
Location:  varies

School Gardens
(Adopt-a-School)  (Code 980e)
MG Contact: Ruby Zavala at
Location:  varies

Youth Speakers Bureau
  (Code 980h)
Take fun gardening activities (insects –– plants –– soils) to a youth garden class!
MG Contact: Ruby Zavala at
Location:  varies