The Fall 2017 Children’s Vegetable Garden (CVG) Program is now underway.   Children meet every Saturday (August 19 through December 2) from 8am to Noon at the San Antonio Botanical Garden (CVG on back side of SABOT). Detailed information may be found online, and for specific questions email David Rodriguez, County Extension Agent-Horticulturist, or call 210-631-0400.

HISTORY: In the spring of 1983, Brigadier General Dave Thomas and members of the San Antonio Men’s Garden Club established the legacy of the Children’s Vegetable Garden Program.

CURRENT:  The Children’s Vegetable Garden Program has flourished as one of the oldest vegetable youth teaching garden programs in the nation for youth ages 8 – 13. This commitment of growth is made possible through partnerships of the San Antonio Botanical Garden, San Antonio Botanical Society, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Bexar County Master Gardeners, and other volunteer organizations.

THE PROGRAM:  The San Antonio Botanical Garden, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Bexar County Master Gardeners oversee the children’s vegetable garden program in which youngsters learn hands-on techniques of local vegetable gardening with emphasis’ on environmental stewardship and organics. On Saturday mornings in the spring and fall, children plant, weed, water, nurture, and harvest their individual plots under the mentorship of trained certified Master Gardeners. With a nominal fee, seeds, bedding plants and tools are furnished in which each child receives that special and individualized attention. The spring and fall session concludes with a final harvest, cleanup, and a vegetable show. Children can also earn their Junior Master Gardener certification by participating in fun, hands-on activities each week, after they have tended their garden.
In order to gain the most from the learning experience and to help ensure successful growing, participants are required to attend all sessions (two absences are allowed). Families are welcome to share the gardening experience with their child.

Such Joy in the Garden!

Joy in the Garden!

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Weekly Agendas posted here are from the Fall 2017 Program and provide details on what was accomplished each week of the Spring session.


Weekly Agendas posted here are from the Spring 2017 Program and provide details on what was accomplished each week of the Spring session.

Spring 2017 AGENDA 16
Spring 2017 AGENDA 15

Contest Procedures for Spring 2017

Contest Guidelines Spring 2017

Contest Judging Criteria Contest Rules

Spring 2017 AGENDA 13

Spring 2017 AGENDA 12
Spring 2017 AGENDA 11

Spring 2017 AGENDA 10

Spring 2017 AGENDA 9
Spring 2017 AGENDA 8
Spring 2017 AGENDA 7
Spring 2017 AGENDA 6
Spring 2017 AGENDA 5
Spring 2017 AGENDA 4
Spring 2017 AGENDA 3
Spring 2017 AGENDA 2
Spring 2017 AGENDA 1

Weekly Agendas posted here are from the Fall 2016 Program and provide details on what was accomplished each week of the Fall session.

Fall 2016 AGENDA 1
Fall 2016 AGENDA 2
Fall 2016 AGENDA-8
Fall 2016 AGENDA-9
Fall 2016 AGENDA-10
Fall 2016 AGENDA-11
Fall 2016 AGENDA-12
Contest Procedures Fall-2016
Contest Judging Criteria Fall-2016
Contest Guidelines Fall-2016
Fall 2016 AGENDA-13
Fall 2016 AGENDA-14
Fall 2016 Agenda-15
Fall 2016 Agenda-16